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Fr. Mark’s Desk - August 20, 2017
Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
“O woman, how great is your faith.”

Dear Parishioners,

If you have had the occasion to attend a retreat center, or even some chapels, there will be a prayer intention book. Sometimes the intentions become mini stories of some event occurring in the life of the writer.

For example, a wife who lost her husband will pray about the loss and how it is effecting her life. Sickness, unemployment, troubled children, old age, and many others become the content of the intention book. If you take the time to read the entries, they become a source of great insight into the lives of people we do not know. Sometimes, looking around and noticing people that we would not ordinarily see, deepens our awareness of God in life.

The gospel is clear, Jesus came for the lost sheep of the house of Israel. But every now and again a non-Israelite appears, someone we may not immediately notice (like a Samaritan!). It is faith and determination that will capture the attention of Jesus, something the disciples will have to learn.

Determination and faith are what will capture the attention of Jesus for us too. We must have confidence that Jesus is not in the st orm, but in the abundance of his love in our heart.

“Fortunately there are two words that offer a way out, and they’re simply these: Help me. It’s not always easy to say them - you have your pride after all, and you’re not sure there’s anybody you trust enough to say them to - but they’re always worth saying. To another human being, a friend, a stranger? To God? Maybe it comes to the same thing. Help me. They open a door through the walls, that’s all. At least hope is possible again. At least you’re no longer alone”.
- Frederick Buechner


Prayer for a New School Year

Gracious God, as the summer begins to fade, new possibilities lie on the horizon.
Bless all of those who are beginning or returning to their roles as teachers and catechists
as well as those who lead and support them in their efforts.
May this school year be a time of grace and potential as they teach, share and challenge others
to grow in faith, knowledge, and wisdom.
Bless children and youth, along with their parents, as they begin a new school year.
May their minds be open to learning and to the wonder of discovery and insight.
Be with us all as we embark on the new year. Amen.

- Sadlier Religion

Have a great week!
Fr. Mark Walter

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