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Fr. Mark’s Desk - June 25, 2017
Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Nothing is concealed that will not be revealed… so do not be afraid.”

Dear Parishioners,

I heard a story many years ago, about a young mother making a quilt, while her young son played on the floor below. One day the young boy looking up the bottom of the quilt commented on how awful it looked, seeing nothing but threads that didn’t seem to match. The mother assured him that when it was finished it would be a beautiful blanket. The vision of the boy and the vision of the mother were obviously quite different. The son could only see from his perspective, but the mother could see what it would become. The same of course could be said as she looked at him, she could envision what her son would one day be.

God often looks at us in a similar manner. God can see the fullness of our life, not just the moment we live in or just the moment we see. Through God’s eyes we are complete, wonderfully and beautifully made. When Jesus tells his disciples that nothing is concealed that won’t be revealed, he suggests to them, that though they may not see it, God has a wonderful plan for their life; so they should not be afraid.

Fear can be an obstacle for us. God provides opportunities, challenges, relationships and loving encounters that can offer something beautiful. In the midst of a moment of incompleteness, we may say, ‘Is that all there is?’ When Jesus says, ‘Fear no one’, he is suggesting that fear often prevents us from seeing a greater opportunity.

Jeremiah, in our first reading, is in a despair until he casts fear aside. This week, imagine your life the way God sees it. Do not be afraid.


The Renew My Church initiative continues throughout the Archdiocese, and as I have mentioned will eventually reach us. When our parish becomes an activated group, sometime in the next year of two, there will be many meetings and discussions, led by the Archdiocese. The Archdiocese is very prepared for this process, and will help make the changes as ‘easy’ as possible. In the meantime, pray for the Renew My Church initiative and the currently activated groupings.


This weekend at all Masses, tickets for the "Raise the Roof" Raffle will be held in the church vestibule after all Masses. As you know, this raffle will help defer the cost of the new rectory roof. Thank you for your help in this effort.

Have a great week!!
Fr. Mark Walter

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