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Fr. Mark’s Desk - May 21, 2017
Sixth Sunday of Easter

“In a little while the world will no longer see me,
but you will see me, because I live and you will live”.

Dear Parishioners,

Perhaps you have heard the expression, ‘Jesus, the Master Teacher’. This title is often given to Jesus because of the many and varied things he taught. The New Testament as you know is filled with many of the teachings of Jesus. His teachings were meant to be lived out in the lives of the disciples and of course are meant to be lived out in our lives as well. When Jesus refers to his departure it is not intended as a farewell, but as a new beginning. As Jesus has taught and lived, so now we teach and live. This is the ultimate task of any great teacher.

Who were some of the best teachers you had in your life? And what made them best? My parents and family were my first teachers obviously, but after that came some really good ones. My junior high English teacher taught us how to diagram sentences and conjugate verbs. My high school soccer coach taught me how to endure. My college philosophy teacher taught me to think ecumenically. My Graduate school New Testament teacher taught me to express myself simply.

These teachers are all gone from my life now, some to their eternal reward. Yet, the impact they had on my life is not quickly forgotten.

When we say, Jesus, the Master Teacher, we realize that his life and teaching is meant to endure. Through the Holy Spirit, we have the opportunity to incarnate the person and teaching of Jesus Christ every day. Every day, we have the opportunity to teach and live as Jesus did.

As we enter graduation season, we can remember the teachers who made a difference and if possible, let them know. We also have the opportunity to influence and teach through the actions of our own lives each day.

(So, thank you Mrs. Fleming, Mr. Bolton, Professor Crean, and Fr. Carroll.)


A couple things that I have not mentioned in a while:

The To Teach Who Christ Is campaign was in part to enable St. Linus to have a church handicap entrance off of the parking lot. We are in the final part of the planning of that endeavor, and I should be able to present the project to you soon. After we complete that project, we will turn our attention to the sound system in church.

The Renew My Church groupings will be progressively implemented throughout the Archdiocese of Chicago over the next five years. I am fairly certain the grouping of which we are part, will not be implemented in the 2017/18 fiscal year. I think there is a good possibility it could be the following year, but that is just an educated guess. I will remind you of this occasionally and update you as I receive new information.


Lastly, thank you for your kind and generous response to the Raise the Roof raffle. The rectory roof replacement was not in the budget, so your help is appreciated. (By the way, I love alliteration!!)

I am in Austin, Texas this weekend for a wedding!! See you next week.

Have a great week!!
Fr. Mark Walter

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