General Information

The SLAC Athletic Program is a school sponsored program and as such is an extension of the school and its curriculum. This program is subject to the authority of the pastor and the school principal. The goals of the SLAC athletic program are as follows:

  • To develop sportsmanship.
  • To give students the experience of being part of a team.
  • To develop school spirit and team spirit.
  • To help students develop strong, healthy and disciplined bodies and minds.
  • To help students maintain good health through physical fitness.
  • To provide an enjoyable sports activity which can be sustained into adulthood.
  • To encourage values of self discipline, self confidence, fair play and cooperation.
  • To teach the proper attitude toward winning, losing and competing with dignity.
  • To provide a healthy complement to St. Linus academics.

You can contact us at our General Saint Linus Athletics E-mail: or through the contact information of our board and coordinators listed below.

Handbook, Activity Schedule and Fees and Concussion Form

Eligibility Standards

The athletic program is open to all boys and girls registered in the K grade thru 8th grade at St. Linus School. Athletes must adhere to the St. Linus Extra-Curricular Activity Policy as stated in the School Handbook. Students enrolled in the St. Linus Religious Education program are allowed to participate in Football and can play in other sports (i.e. soccer) on a case by case, sport by sport, basis. All questions for this compliance are addressed by the Athletic Board President. Religious Education participants must also meet specific rules set by the Southside Catholic Conference that pertain to Religious Education participation/eligibility.

In order to be eligible for participation, an athlete must:

  • Submit all documentation within an established timeline.
  • Meet the academic requirements.
  • Sign & submit completed permission and registration forms.
  • Pay all required fees.

Board / Coordinators

The SLAC Board of Directors is responsible to organize and manage the athletic program. The Board of Directors of the SLAC shall have the responsibility and authority to implement the Program. The SLAC is a volunteer program. The SLAC Board shall follow the Constitution/Bylaws established by the SLAC. The St. Linus Athletic Club (SLAC) is made of the following board members: